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Design Ideas: Stunning Outdoor Covered Seating Area

Every business owner in the hospitality industry knows that first impressions are vital for attracting customers. Whether you own a restaurant, a club or hotel, it is crucial to create a façade that entices visiting customers. That is why you should consider creating the right outdoor covered seating area for your business. Outdoor seating is an attractive and practical use of space that works for many types of business. In addition, covered seating means you can use your outdoor space at any time of the year. More importantly, a well designed outdoor space can:

  • Greatly increase overall seating capacity, thus maximising profits.
  • This means the return on investment can often be relatively short.

Therefore, here are some ideas for an outdoor covered seating area for your business.

Outdoor Covered Seating Area

Retractable Awnings

When it comes to outdoor covered seating areas, one of the most effective is retractable awnings, also called Dutch canopies. Awnings provide protection from both rain and the sun. This allows your customers to eat and converse in comfort. In addition, they add to the kerb appeal of your store. This can be a vibrant way to promote your brand. You can install modern awnings with motorised parts that allow you to open and close them with a simple button press. Awnings are made from top quality materials and you can personalise them so that your business stands out from the crowd.


Another tried and tested idea for outdoor covered seating areas is the giant commercial umbrella, or jumbrella. Jumbrellas have long been a popular shading fixture in al fresco dining settings and outside hotels, often used to screen large patio tables. Each jumbrella can come in a variety of colours and in sizes between two and ten metres in diameter. In addition, you can personalise each jumbrella with your business name and logo to help promote your venue. Jumbrellas are an excellent way to keep your customers safe from rain or heat and ensure year round protection for your outdoor area.

Retractable Roof Pergolas

Perhaps your customers would prefer an inside space at certain times of the year and an outside area at others. A retractable roof pergola system is a great idea for outdoor covered seating areas that gives you the best of both options. With a retractable pergola you can cover your outside area on those chilly winter days while having the option to open it up when it is sunny and warm. Modern pergola systems are motorised. This ensures you can open and close it with a simple button press. Retractable roofs offer an excellent way to use your outdoor space as effectively as possible.

Loca Shading Designs

No matter the size of your business or how much outdoor space you have, at Loca Shading Designs we aim to create a design that will suit your needs perfectly. We have worked with clients from both the commercial and domestic spheres, and we have a portfolio of completed projects on our website. To discuss any ideas you have for improving your outdoor areas we invite you to get in touch with us. For commercial awning ideas and more please speak with our creative team today.

Commercial Awnings Get in touch

The Ultimate Pergola Seating Area for Your Business

A global pandemic was never going to be easy for businesses that thrive on bringing people together. But with every challenge and rule change, restaurants, hotels and bars continue to adapt.

It’s hard to see how the last year could benefit the hospitality sector. But difficult circumstances have brought forward new ways of thinking about business premises.

Most of all, businesses have been thinking in new and bold ways about their outdoor areas, layout and seating space.

Of course, outdoor seating poses its own challenges. Outdoor areas can be cold, noisy and look unappealing. But there is one efficient and beautiful way to transform your outdoor space.

For businesses short on space, a pergola seating area has become a game-changing way to turn spare outdoor space into premium, practical seating space.

But what can a pergola seating area do for your business?Pergola Seating Area

Charm your Customers with a Pergola Seating Area

A pergola consists of posts, beams and rafters that create an appealing focal point. You can attach a pergola to your frontage or let it stand freely. The rafters above prove functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, whilst the area below is left open for you to arrange seating.

One major benefit of a pergola is its appearance. Overhead rafters create an inviting al fresco environment that can be seen from the street. You can incorporate lattice work into outside walls, adding to the visual appeal.

The frame of the pergola itself offers a natural place for greenery to grow, or for the addition of lighting. A pergola can transform a lacklustre courtyard, patio or rooftop space into a vibrant, attractive atmosphere.

A pergola is also a great way to introduce some structure to an outdoor space. You’ll find it easier to influence foot traffic for customers and staff. This can help keep customers safely apart when distancing matters most.

If you want to enclose your pergola seating area from the street, it’s easy to fence off the sides of the space for extra privacy.

But what about the weather? With a retractable pergola cover or polycarbonate canopies it’s easy to provide shade in summer or shelter from the rain in the cooler months without compromising on natural light.

Pergola seating areas also have room to accommodate outdoor heaters as the year draws on, allowing you to create a magical winter space.

Create a Stunning Outdoor Space with Loca Shading

To bring a pergola to life you need a professional team with experience turning underused outdoor areas into thriving spaces.

Loca Shading have been in the business of planning, designing and building commercial awnings, jumbrellas and pergolas for over 20 years. In that time we’ve worked with clients all across the UK on everything from bustling streetside eateries to tranquil riverside retreats.

You can see our work for yourself across our site. Then, if you’re ready to transform your outdoor space, feel free to reach out to us by email or by phone.

Garden Seating Ideas for Your Home

Outdoor seating is a great way to entertain guests and add some flair to your patio or garden. This is often a popular choice during clear days and summer nights. That said, there are ways to make outdoor seating work perfectly throughout the year. Here at Loca Shading Designs we help realise garden seating ideas that brighten the look of any outdoor area. Therefore, here are some of our garden seating ideas that you could use for your home.

Garden Seating Ideas


Awnings are a great way to enjoy peace and tranquillity outdoors at any time of the year. Come rain or shine, a patio awning will offer you protection from all elements. This allows you to relax and enjoy your surroundings in any weather condition. In addition, awnings can be adjusted so that you can achieve the right balance between shade and natural light. There are many different choices for awnings, including stain and fade resistant materials. In addition, remote operation and optional weather sensors can be installed. By keeping both the sun and rain off your head, awnings are excellent garden seating ideas throughout the year.

Umbrellas and Parasols

A popular choice for al fresco dining, giant umbrellas and garden parasols are stylish garden seating ideas for your home. Not only do they add visual flair to your outdoor area but they also add protection from the weather. You can choose umbrellas and parasols in a range of fabric and colour choices to create a unique outdoor look. Sizes range from 2m to 10m for large outdoor settings. Add some unique lighting such as candles and torches and you can have that beautiful Mediterranean look all year round.

Retractable Roofs and Patiolas

Perhaps you would prefer an open space when the weather is fine with the ability to make cover when the weather turns wet and chilly. Retractable roofs and patiolas are the best garden seating ideas for when you want to alternate between indoor and outdoor settings easily. Turn your outdoor area into an indoor extension of your dining or living area in winter, then easily open it up when the weather is fine to feel the warmth of the sun outside. This is the perfect way to utilise as much space at home as possible and make it work for you in any weather condition.

Loca Shading Designs

Here at Loca Shading Designs we have been designing outdoor living area solutions for over 20 years. We work with a range of clients both domestic and commercial, including The Edinburgh Festival Fringe. To find out more about our previous projects we encourage you to look at our portfolio. To discuss how we can help you realise your ideas for the perfect garden living area, we encourage you to get in touch with us today for more details. For the best quality conservatory awnings and other outdoor seating ideas speak with Loca Shading Designs today.

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